How far in advance should we book you?!

I recommend as soon as possible - portrait sessions are typically booked a couple months prior, elopements are typically booked anywhere from 2 to 18 months, and weddings usually are booked 9-18 months in advance. I tend to book up fairly quickly, so I recommend reserving your date right when you know! Most couples book right once after date and venue is secured.

Can we meet in person before moving forward?

I’m happy to chat on the phone or do a FaceTime call, but due to the high amount of inquiries I am not able to meet couples PRIOR to booking. Butttt once your dates set we’ll definitely meet for drinks/coffee a few times before your wedding. TBH by the time your wedding comes along you’ll probably have met my husband, know my dogs, and have been to my house!

Where should we go for our elopement or engagement session?

Location planning is included in my packages. When you book a date I’ll start spilling the beans about all my favorite secret spots and we’ll decide together on an epic place that feels like you!

Can we see a full wedding gallery?

Yes, of course! I want you to. Once you inquire, I’ll send over a few full galleries for you to check out to get an idea of what a full day looks like, all different light situations, etc.

How are our photos delivered?

You’ll get a link to an online gallery with all of your digitals - from there you can download, share, etc.

How long until we get to see our photos?

Weddings are usually turned around in 6-8 weeks, and portrait sessions about 2-3 weeks.

How many photos do you deliver?

This can vary since every wedding is so different, but I do not put a cap on it! I deliver all photos that I love and that are not duplicates, blinking, unflattering, etc. Industry standard is about 50-100 per hour, but a typical wedding is anywhere from 600-1000+ photos delivered. Engagement and portrait sessions range anywhere from 60-100+.

How do you back up your photos?

SO GLAD YOU ASKED! I am a little crazy about this. Initially, I back my images up to two different memory cards while shooting. From there, all images go onto my computer, three external hard drives, AND a cloud. Your images are pretty safe with me. ;)

Do you deliver RAW images?

NO! My clients hire me for my specific editing style and trust my technique and judgement. Just like a restaurant wouldn’t give you a half-cooked meal, I don’t deliver unfinished photos.

Are your packages customizable?

Yes! I have a starting price, but from there will build you a custom package based on what YOU need.

K, cool. We want to book you, now what??

This part is easy!! Contact me through my booking form - give me as much info as possible. From I’ll send over some galleries and my pricing. Once you pick the package that makes the most sense for you I’ll send over a contract to get your autographs, and then you’re all set! I keep payment easy and do just $1000 down to hold the date and the rest one month prior.