Hey!!! I'm Alyssa.

I’m a Colorado based destination elopement & wedding photographer for adventurous, laid back couples. Most importantly, I'm just a regular quirky dog loving human.

I was raised in a tiny little Mid-Michigan town and now live in Colorado with my husband and our daughters (cattle dog mutts) Stevie & Indie. I love hiking, camping, traveling, good coffee, and great company. If I'm not in the mountains, you can probably find me on my couch with a glass of wine watching Netflix or reading a book.

Out of all the experiences and adventures I've had so far, hiking in my wedding dress to meet my husband at a PNW waterfall to elope and exchange our vows just the two of us has by far been the best yet. I believe that weddings should be all about YOU, shared with those closest around you..whether that means just the two of you, or your 10-100 closest friends and family. 

I love capturing the in between moments and I want to tell YOUR unique and quirky story. I want you to look back on your day 30 years later remembering exactly how you FELT, and be able to relive the day. Rather than focusing capturing on a ton of perfectly posed images, I strive to capture all of the little moments. The ones that may seem small at the time, but will mean so much down the road. 

If it sounds like we'd be a great fit and you'd like me to come third wheel your special day, contact me! I'd love to grab a coffee or glass of wine and get to know each other!